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Oops, I did it again…

Oops, I did it again…

I watched so many episodes of Lovesick today. I think I’ve acquired a British accent.  I had ZERO intentions of getting into a show today but while I was cruising through my bedroom, it was up on the screen. Just sitting there, saying, ” THIS is the show for you, Leslee. C’mon in. Your cozy bed with fresh, clean sheets could really use some company anyway. Bring that arse on over here.” “Okay, Netflix,” says I. “But only for a little bit.” BOLLOCKS. Before I know it 2 o’clock and I’ve got to go get the kids. I managed to get through a season and a half before I had to remove myself from squishy, cozy bedness and I was at a very pivotal point in Dylan and Evie’s relationship. Sooooo, guess what I’ll be up doing until bloody midnight. Argh!!!

Side note: I feel like I’ve been a little lied to. The adorable actress who plays Evie is also Claire in The Good Doctor. I watch that show when I can’t sleep. Imagine my surprise when I see that she is in Lovesick and she’s got a legit British accent! Why can’t she keep her accent, tv people?! You let Dr. Kalu keep his. Wait. What if Dr. Kalu doesn’t really have an accent at all?!?! To the Googler!

I really need a hobby.

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  • I just watched the first episode of lovesick! My husband is working late so I came back to your blog to see what I should watch without him lol. I love it!

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