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No paragraphs. Just like I like ’em.

No paragraphs. Just like I like ’em.

Okay, here we go. Another story from another stay-at-home mom, trying to have her cake and eat it too. But I hope you’ll read to the end. I’d been assistant director in a pre-school for ten years. All I knew after getting out of college, were children. Adult conversations were few and far between but give me a five-year-old and we could talk for hours. Anyways, in 2011, the preschool had to close and I was heartbroken and lost. What was I going to do now? After some discussion with the husband, we decided to take it as a sign that it was time to start a family of our own. We had Bigga J in December 2012 and along came Lil J in March 2014. Two boys, in under two years! What were we thinking?! It’s four years later and I’m lucky if I manage a shower and have three meals a day for myself. Frazzled and exhausted are the best words I could choose to describe myself. And smelly on some days, but I digress. The plan was always for me to stay home and take care of these guys until it was time for school but by two they were both smarter than me and we could tell they needed something more. We put them in school two days a week so they could have some social interaction with kids their age. WHOA! This gives me TWO days a week to get stuff done FOR ME! Showers! Pee breaks! Naps! Candy and chips out in the open! What was I going to do with all of this time and power? No. Seriously, what was I going to do? I needed something to take up the time. Many lucky women could go out with friends, shop, lunch, whatever, on their husband’s dime. But we don’t have it like that. I was stuck in the house with my budget (that was usually spent on groceries and gas) and Facebook. Heaven in the beginning. I caught up on some much-needed rest, went to the gym, bought groceries and gas. Fun, huh? I was bored. I had all the time in the world to do things while they were at school but no funds to do it with. So many manicures and waxes were out there waiting for me! Now,  I’d heard of Rodan + Fields through many friends, checked the website, but thought it was just a little out of my price range, so I had moved on. At the time, I was just interested in the products. I had never considered being a consultant for them. I’d gotten terrible melasma (pregnancy mask, dark spots) all over my face while pregnant with the boys and wanted it gone. I had great skin before babies. I had spoken to my dermatologist about it and she said it doesn’t go away but it can fade a little. Wow. Thanks, buzzkill. But I’d heard that REVERSE was giving great results and I wanted it. I put it on a wish list and didn’t think another thing about it. And then Christmas rolls around and my mom (LOVE HER) bought me my first R+F system, REVERSE. I started using this stuff and BOOM! Two weeks in, I could tell this stuff was working! Spots were fading, skin was brighter and soooo soft. People were noticing but the day my husband said something about it, I knew this stuff must have been made by Jesus, himself because it was a miracle. Right about this time, a friend approaches me about joining her R+F team. She had no clue that I had been using the products and had sent me a mini-facial in the mail for me to try and then asked me to tell her how I had Iiked it. Hot damn! Free product. I used that stuff ASAP. If you haven’t had a R+F mini facial, you need to contact me quickly. This stuff is to die for. You will get hooked. And I did. I messaged her and said sign me up. When you sign up to consult, you can choose to order a box of product so you can become familiar with everything. I choose the big one because I wanted to try it all. When I opened that box, beams of light appeared and angels sang, I swear. I couldn’t get to it fast enough. FIX MY FACE, I yelled. And then my kids walked in. Who wants a grilled cheese? So, I’ve been slowly cleaning out my box, using all of the products and I tell you what…I’m looking pretty darn hot nowadays. I do not wear makeup, most days because I just don’t need it. I get compliments on my skin everywhere I go. Even at the dentist office under that dreadfully bright light. I’ll make myself up for date night or a party but that’s about it anymore.  I used to have to do it daily just so the skin on my face would match my neck. And I was always aware of it. Trying to stay in the darker corners or put my head down. Funny thing, the nice skin underneath has given me a confidence that I hadn’t really had before. Without makeup, I feel good. My skin is healthy and bright. WIth it, I’m feeling smoking hot and people ask if I’ve had work done. I’m 44, I take that as a compliment. Oh yeah, and then I tell them what I’m doing and that they can do it too. I’m excited to tell them about how they can get healthy skin and collect a paycheck while they do it. It’s so easy. Your face is your billboard and sells the product for you! It’s what I’d been waiting for and it all just kind of fell into my life at the right place and the right time. I have MY OWN money now and I’m off to get a pedicure. I need it! 

PS: I need a team. If you are looking to get into something for some extra $$$, hit me up!

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