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Funny Shit My Kids Say

Funny Shit My Kids Say

Because they’re funny 86% of the time, I’ll be using this space to jot down things they say such as…

Jack. Age 3- Will you pause this show? I have a booger that needs attention.

Jack. Age 3- (watching a youtube video of monster trucks driving over Play-Doh) That’s what Mom will look like when she gets hit by a monster truck. 😮 (WTF?!)

Jameson. Age 4: I need you to fix my run power.
Me: Your what?
Jameson: My run power is still turned on and I need you to turn it off for me.
Me: *blink*blink* (Looks around for run power???) What? Where is it?
Jameson: (Sits next to me and throws his feet in my lap) Here. Take my shoes off, please.

Jameson: PenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenis…(He learned a new word at school today)

Again today: Jameson: PenisPenisPenisPenis…




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